Ensemble Themes

Raise the stakes! Bring your event to life with our cast of creative characters. L'Unkles can take any theme to the next level, creating an immersive environment, which guarantees memorable moments!

Specialty Acts

If you're looking for one of a kind performers, look no further! L'Unkles is a collection of cutting edge artists who specialize in the obscure and bizarre, bringing a unique fixture to any event!

Other Wackiness

Let us loose! Organizing an event can be hard. Sit back, relax, and we'll handle everything! We know how to have a good time and we're more then happy to share it! Need help with invitations, production, or booking? We do that too!


Ensemble Themes


CLOWNS - Send in the Boink! As our signature theme, these clowns bring down the Bigtop! Whether it's center ring or anywhere in between, these guys are good for a giggle!

PANTLESS DAPPER - The VIP often require a classier kind of character. Let us revere your elite status and applaud your profound prestige! You'd be wise to invite the dapper to your next soiree!

PIRATES - Fresh from the high sea's this merry band of miscreants will swindle and delight your crown till the bitter end, so hide your rum and prepare to have your hearts stolen.

DEMENTED DOCTORS - Allow our highly trained team of demented doctors to prescribe the right medicine for any event in need of life support.

CORPORATE ZOMBIES - Apparently clowns make phenomenal zombies!  Bring a new brand of brain eater to your next party.  L'Unkles provides a believable performance while maintaining a fun and safe environment! 

L'UNKETTES - The ladies! hmmmmmm...

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Specialty Acts






Fortune Tellers


...and much

, much more

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Short Attention Span Theatre

Started over ten years ago, this interactive wandering skit draws everyone into the fun. The L'Unkles crew, armed only with their wit, dance and song, will parade through the festival bringing short moments of magic to the passer-by-ers.


Café Attitude

Tired of the same old pizza booth at every festival? That beer garden line just too long? Then come on over to café attitude where life is never boring. Some of thing on the menu are as follows:

  • Black tooth dental office. Let our highly trained dentists give you a whole new smile.
  • Ego massage- "your ears are amazing", "your feet so big" and "I love your glow stick bracelet" are just some of the compliments the lunkles therapist will lay on you.
The menu changes constantly so your patrons will never know what to expect.


Faux-ga (pronounced Fo-ga)

Tired of looking awkward while stretching your body? Not sure what downward dog really is? Its time to release your inner rock star with a little faux-ga. Our L'Unkles certified instructors will help you open your clown chakra while looking fly at the same time.



Start your day with the only way to work out. Clad in the finest of tennis outfits, our instructors will lead you through a series of fanny shaking, booty bumping workouts. Release your inner Jane Fonda.


Reverse strip tease

You'll be rolling in laughter as L'Unkles Boink entertains you with their own brand of reverse strip teasing. Starting just in their bow ties and boxers they will do a reverse strip tease ending up wearing a whole wardrobe of clothing donated from the audience. The more the merrier is the name of this game

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