L’Unkles Boink is an interactive troupe of masterful mischief makers. Their unique brand of mayhem will delight and titillate your guests till the bitter end. Take two parts social and physical improv, add in a dash of well-trained tomfoolery, and then throw in a smidge of never before experienced amazingness and VIOLA! You have L’Unkles Boink.

L'Unkles Boink is known for their wandering improv. The best magic often comes from simply letting them run free at your event filling the pockets of boredom with spontaneous breakouts of hilarity.

some of the things we do

Some of the things we do

Wandering Shenanigans

Short Attention Span Theatre

Specialty and Stage Performances

Café Attitude.


Faux-ga (pronounced Fo-ga)

Reverse strip tease

"L'Unkles Boink is truly a masterpiece of zany, witty, unbelievably fun, genuine, circus clown freaks that tear down personal barriers of safety and replaces it with a world of magic and jackassery. It's hard not to fall in love immediately."

Nova Han - Producer and Artistic Director for Wilderbe

"L'Unkles Boink performance artists are a joy to work with! They turn any party, big or small, into an event that your guests will be talking about for years to come. When you hire L'Unkles Boink you are getting more than just a performance... You will be part of an experience that will excite and inspire you! Amazing!!!"

Kamala Mathis - Co-Owner Fire Groove