Antonio G-R

At a year and a half Roger Fojas (with only a cloth diaper, 2 older siblings and parents to support his determination) decided to leave his motherland, the Philippines, in search of a better life. He grew up in San Jose CA, and discovered his creative talents in his early years. He began studying art and poetry in grade school, discovered dance choreography & photography while in college, and found performance theater via the nightclub circuit. It was the latter experiences that led him to pursue acting via a summer acting program in Los Angeles (after which he never left the city). He then joined the quirky world of performance art, cabaret/vaudville and circus in which he has been active with a variety of troupes. Over the years he's worked with Dream Circus Theater, Lucent Dossier, Alien Fight Club, and L'Unkles Boink, to name a few. Best known to dive into extreme character performances, Roger can taylor and diversify his personas endlesly. He can play anywhere from a silent sadfaced 'Emmet Kelly' style clown to a majestic ringmaster, or from Alice's doormouse to a villianouse turn of the century serial killer. Through choreography, Roger brings a unique blend of emotional themes, stories and humor into his work. Although Roger is best known for his work as a clown, he is also known to be active as a professionl photographer.