Antonio G-R

Growing up in Wisconsin, Nick Kane created his own reality with magic. Soon, his skills teleported him to Los Angeles where he became a ninja for hire doing things like helping people as a super hero, organising flash mobs, running for office, and ninja-clowing for the internet. Soon he took off the mask and took his comedy to the streets. He began traveling the globe and entertaining unexpected patrons at festivals and shows such as Theaterspektical (Zurich), Lightining in a Bottle (Califorina) and Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, Orlando). One of Nick's inventions is a giant 10 foot round wheel of metal on which he performs acrobatic tricks and which has been featured in the LA Pride Parade as well FOX News. Nick has been a team player in many troups such as The Wandering Marionettes, Alien Fight Club, and has collaborated with clowns from Cirque Du Soleil. As a full time professional Nick connects well with many audiences. He interacts and listens to the crowd, perfecting a flow. He is a master puppeteer, mad bubble scientist, and stilt walker. He can combine comedy, pantomime and acrobatics into everything he does creating a experience. He's nothing short of magic!