Antonio G-R

Antonio G-R was born in the mystical highlands of central Mexico, raised in the town of Tepoztlan. While studying in Santa Cruz, California, Antonio became a fire dancer and stilt performer. After receiving a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering he went to work in the special effects industry in films such as; The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Chronicles of Riddick and The Aviator. He then started a nomadic few years in which he honed the art of street performing. For the next four years he performed throughout Mexico, Central America, Spain and Morocco. In 2008 he landed in LA and became a professional clown and stilt performer, working with such groups as Stilt Circus, Lucent Dossier, The Wandering Marionettes, Labyrinth of Jared and more. Antonio's expertise extend to a number of fields, ranging from technical design, electronics, carpentry and welding, and also including cooking, baking, stilting and clowning.